Thursday, April 8, 2010

Setting up Auto-reply in qmail-ldap

I have a few email account users that will be away for 10 days. This users are part of the sales group and support group. Emails that will be bound to their respective email address should have be replied ASAP, much more if this is a support email that is very urgent. The sender should at least know that the email was received but replies may take some time due to recipient being still on the air, on a meeting, on training, on leave and etc.

On my Qmail-LDAP mail server installation, I can configure such Auto-reply on the particular users ldif entry as follows:

add: mailReplyText
mailReplyText: Hi, I am on vacation till 19th April 2010. See you when I am back.
delete: deliveryMode
deliveryMode: noprogram
add: deliveryMode
deliveryMode: reply

NOTE: Even if you don't specify the attribute deliveryMode as reply and the attribute mailReplyText exists it will reply automatically as long as mailReplyText attribute is defined in the ldap entry for the given user.

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